Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. - II Timothy 2:15

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About Me

Hi there!

As you probably already know, I’m Elizabeth and this is my blog.

*tremendous applause and much acknowledgement*

Who I Am
Since you are hereby now familiar with my basic introductory statement, I will take the time here to tell you more about myself {probably more than you’ll care to know because I tend to ramble off onto rabbit trails of enormous proportions}.

I am currently the third oldest of nine children and intend to hold onto that position throughout the course of my life. As of now, I am solidly maintaining this goal.

My mother, bless her dear heart {and admirable sanity}, either homeschooled or is in the process of homeschooling all of us. I fully intend to follow her example when I have kids of my own.

I am an extremely imperfect human saved by an incredibly perfect and loving God. I am daily reminded that I deserve nothing from Him and yet He continues to pour His loving-kindness over me. Despite the ups and downs (all my own making), wayward as I am, He constantly pursues my heart. I am floored by His wisdom and His grace. He never lets me go.

What I Do
Currently I am employed at two part-time jobs. I work as my dad’s secretary in the mornings and then caregive for a woman with MS in the afternoons. I am extremely blessed and occasionally overwhelmed by both.   

In my free time I have several hobbies. Mainly, I write {something else you’ve probably noticed since no one ever reads these things until they’ve been following a blog for a while and decide they can now invest in the person behind the posts. Occasionally, this is a dangerous decision. =D}.

I write novels, short stories and horrible poems. Mostly novels. In them I dabble into many spheres with more or less success. I write historical fiction, Christian fiction, humans-in-a-made-up-world fiction and am working on a relatively futuristic attempt. I work on them all intermittently and all at once. Probably not the best policy for efficient production, but my imagination has restless attention syndrome.

Aside from writing I also like to play Ultimate Frisbee, read voraciously and collect Sharpie markers. Blogging, of course, is an interesting thing to do when you’ve got nothing more pressing on your plate and I do have the best intentions here. Unfortunately, intentions don’t write blog posts {the nerve!}. I made that sad discovery during a rather indefinite hiatus at one point.      

As  for the other things that occupy my free time, I am partial to reading blogs, journaling about everything but my life, volunteering for various activities at my church, teaching English to inner-city refugees (via a church ministry outreach), drinking tea, watching movies, listening to music, attending occasional social events {I can be a bit of an introvert when the mood strikes} and roaming the house to avoid writing.

I am also a great proponent of lying on the floor, compulsively rearranging my bookshelves and additional book storage {ie a cardboard box beside my desk}, browsing through the library endowed with no purpose or direction whatsoever, sniffing the merchandise at Yankee Candle, organizing my pen collection, slowly taking in all aspects of office supply stores {I have an untreatable addiction to all things office-related barring printer ink and easel paper}, soaking up the atmosphere at Barnes and Noble {which is the only thing there that I can afford :O}, writing letters and keeping extensive lists of useless articles.

When I am feeling very unbalanced, mentally, I will sew up one of the long, swishy denim skirts that I am rather partial to.

In addition to this, I play the flute {something I started at the age of ten and haven’t yet been able to drop}. This hobby {so called} is more or less a constant analysis of the theory that the human being can, in fact, fudge their way through a thirty-minute lesson with only an hour of practicing beneath their belt. Personally, I prefer to play it when I feel like doing something destructive, so the results are not typical.

End Credits
Is there still something to be said?

Let’s see…

If you are interested in knowing what books I like the bookshelf page will give you far more information than you were probably initially seeking.

I have a sort of dual-personality, so don’t think I’m schizophrenic if an extremely serious post is immediately followed up by something outlandishly odd and/or impractical. It’s just the way things go around here. And, as the saying goes, what goes around comes around {which, in retrospect, doesn’t actually make much sense in this context}.

I could make a living quoting movies backwards. It’s not really anything worth mentioning, but you've been warned.

This is me.

Welcome to the adventure!

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